It's one of the most beautiful views in Colorado that you can find: riding the Estes Park Aerial Tramway. Where once, it looked like it might be ending its run forever, 2024 would be the year of its rebirth.

The tramway is unique in the fact that its based on how trams were built in Europe, without using any towers. Not many in the United States are like Estes Park's Aerial Tramway.

The tram is yet another reason to visit Estes Park, aside from the beauty, the elk, and the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.

A Family Member's Passing Leads to New Life for Colorado Tram

Robert Heron was the man behind the creation of the Estes Park Tramway and managed it until his passing in 1999. His son, John, took over operations for another 23 years until his own passing in 2022.

With the passing of John Heron, the tram did not operate at all in 2023; it began to feel like the tram would cease operation, entirely. In March of 2024, however, it was announced that a new plan for the tramway had been worked out.

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While still holding a major stake in the tramway, the family sold controlling interest of the tramway to Gondola Adventures. Gondola Adventures boasts that their gondolas carry 12 million passengers every hour; they have plenty of experience, apparently.

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Estes Park's Tramway Began Again in 2024

With Memorial Day Weekend, in 2024, the Estes Park Aerial Tramway began operation again, with 5-minute rides (each way,) seven days a week from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m.

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