There are few establishments in Fort Collins, Colorado, that have been around for a long time and have a unique reputation. The "tempeh and murals" reputation belongs to Avogadro's Number on Mason Street in Fort Collins.

Most people just call it Avo's.

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It's a place that vegetarians and music lovers have frequented for decades. The Northern Colorado restaurant has a huge back patio with water features, a tree house, and a stage, plus an indoor stage.

What's Happening at Avo's in Fort Collins?

Now, renovations are underway to add a front patio along the Mason Street entrance.

The patio doors and dining tables are where the stage used to be. So where's the stage? Just on the other side of the room. It'll be just fine, but must've been a lot of work.

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What is Avogadro's in Fort Collins Known For?

Avo's makes its own tempeh, just one of the many things the NoCo restaurant is known for. What's tempeh? It's fermented soybeans. Tempeh can be pressed into all kinds of shapes, including round patties like Avo's has been serving for their Tempeh Tuesday for decades.

Recently, I enjoyed their Tempeh Reuben and it was super tasty.

Their coleslaw is also something to cheer about. Oh, and if you're lucky, you'll be able to grab one of their twin-tip ketchup bottles. It's the little things.


The chill, down-to-earth ambiance is accented by artwork found high and low at Avo's. Artist Susan K. Daily has been painting murals at Avogadro's since 1982.

We are fortunate to have places like Avogadro's in our community and I'm so glad they are able to expand.

By the way, is it wrong to have a tempeh sandwich and a milkshake?

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