An open street, with no moving cars, can easily become a community area. If you add in food and vendors, it's a full-blown hang-out and good time. This is the idea behind Open Streets put on by the City of Fort Collins.

Open Streets is a chance for the city to display the ease of bicycling, skateboarding, walking and all other forms of active transportation, also known as not driving a car.

Open Streets has been an annual event since 2014. This Sunday, June 4 from 10 am to 3 pm you are invited to join the community to see what it's all about. Put on by FC Moves the event will happen along Landings Drive and Boardwalk Drive, between Horsetooth and Harmony.

FYI-if you live in the area of street closures and need to get in or out of your neighborhood there are volunteers who will help you safely do that.

These street sections will be closed to car traffic so you can enjoy six different activity hubs along the route. Two hubs will have listening sessions with local city council members. There is a music hub with five different musical acts set to play and new this year, there will be a wellness hub with free yoga, boxing, and other fitness activities throughout the day. Check the full schedule below.

Participants are encouraged to use active modes of transportation which are made easy with all of our bike lanes and trails. Check out a city bike map to plan your route.

City of Fort Collins
City of Fort Collins
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