If you're like me, there's a chance you maybe didn't finish college. Maybe it doesn't matter for your line of work, or maybe you aspire to do something different and make more money, but how often do you get shut down in the interview process because you don't have a degree?

You're not alone.

For me, I was bad at science, and I hated math. I loved to write, loved history, and otherwise, all the artsy things. But math and science were like eating liver and onions for me ... if I didn't have to, I wasn't going to. So when I got to college and was told I needed to take more of each? I said, "No thanks," and left without looking back.

I never needed it to get into radio, so I did ok. But what about you? Ever wonder what some of the top-paying jobs in the state of Colorado are if you don't have a degree?  Wonder no more!

22 Of The Best Paying Jobs In Colorado If You Don’t Have A Degree

These are the best paying jobs in Fort Collins that don't require a college degree.

Gallery Credit: Chris Kelly

Jobs Perfect for Stay At Home Moms to Make Some Extra Money

Whether your kids are home all day with you or not, there's something for everyone on this list. Stay at home moms right here in Northern Colorado are doing these jobs as we speak!

Gallery Credit: Chris Kelly

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