Getting four kids to smile for a camera simultaneously is no easy feat, but fortunately, Thomas Rhett's got dad moves.

Rhett's almost as famous for his adorable family as he is for his country career. The singer and his wife Lauren frequently share snapshots into their family life with their four daughters, who range in age from almost-two-year-old Lillie Carolina to eight-year-old Willa Gray.

Currently, the family's working on a commemorative holiday picture. But it was no easy feat getting a photo with all four kids putting on their best face, and to keep them focused, Rhett had to bring out the big guns -- aka Jack Black's song "Peaches" from the Super Mario Bro. Movie soundtrack.

"How do you get all your kids to smile for Christmas card pictures and pretend like they are laughing when they are all on the verge of crying? Sing peaches at the top of your lungs," the singer writes in an Instagram caption documenting the moment.

The attached video shows exactly how chaotic things can get during holiday family photo shoots. Rhett pans the camera around to each daughter, showing them wriggling and pouting, dressed in matching red plaid shirts. Meanwhile, Rhett is belting out "Peaches" as his wife Lauren laughs along.

"Peaches" is a family favorite in Rhett's house: He also sang it to his second-to-youngest daughter Lennon Love on Halloween, while she was dressed as Princess Peach as part of the family's Nintendo-themed costume set.

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