The Davisson Brothers Band’s Chris Davisson didn’t have to go far for the video shoot for the band’s new single “Mountain High.”

“The majority of it was filmed in my backyard,” the proud West Virginian explains during a recent interview with Taste of Country of the place he has called home for the past ten years. “I've got a little piece of property there. So, I ended up filming it behind my house.”

It was there that family and friends gathered to shoot the joyful new music video, premiering exclusively on Taste of Country. Of course, they also showed up for a little grub while they were there.

“Those were all wild mushrooms and deer venison off the mountain that we were eating,” explains Davisson, whose family has been rooted in West Virginia since the mid 1700s. “All that stuff we're cooking is right out of the garden and right off that hillside. We had a little party that we filmed," he adds with a laugh. "It didn't feel like we were shooting the music video.”

Made up of brothers Chris and Donnie Davisson, their nephew Gerrod Bee and lifelong family friend Aaron Regester, the Davisson Brothers Band ended up not only shooting that music video with family and friends, but also utilized some of those very people in the recording of “Mountain High.”

“Our family actually recorded the backing vocal track, which is something we've never really done before,” says Davisson of the making of the song he wrote alongside Donnie Davisson, Chris Davisson, Wyatt Durrette and Tyler Reeve. The song willl apear on their upcoming album Home Is Where the Heart Is.

“We had our dad singing on it. One of my cousins sang on it and all of my nephews sang on it. Even one of the neighbor kids we've grown up around played fiddle on the video.”

Getting the chance to capture a little piece of mountainous heaven is something that Davisson says he has long wanted to do.

“We try to explain it to people where we come from, but there came a point where I just started saying, ‘Heck, instead of shooting these videos in Nashville, let's take the video crew back to where we come from and shoot these in our real environment,” Davisson explains. “When you grow up in the mountains and you're surrounded by these hills your whole life, anytime you get outside of that, you feel like there's an empty spot.”

Their music has always found a way to fill that spot.

“Everything we write and sing about is true to us,” he concludes. “We try to keep it like that.”

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