Morgan Wallen is bringing Eric Church back to country radio for the first time in over a year. The hitmaker and CMA Entertainer of the Year nominee's next single is "Man Made a Bar," their duet from One Thing at a Time.

The country rocker elicited cheers and excitement after the two performed at the 2023 CMA Awards. Immediately the song was announced as Wallen's next radio offering. Both men sing of needing a bar to drown your sorrows. For a few lines the bartender's voice is heard, but neither play that part, per se.

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"Man Made a Bar" is a classic Church vocal, and one learns that Wallen's style isn't all that different. There's a similar twang, even if they grew up on opposite sides of the Tennessee/North Carolina border. This song is Church's first radio single since the Top 40 hit "Doing Life With Me" from 2022. The previous year's "Heart on Fire" is the last time he hit Top 5 on airplay charts.

Did You Know?: Church joined Wallen for this song from his One Thing at a Time album, but he also wrote "Quittin' Time" for Wallen's Dangerous: The Double Album.

Listen to Morgan Wallen and Eric Church, "Man Made a Bar":

Morgan Wallen and Eric Church, "Man Made a Bar" Lyrics:

Morgan Wallen:
I sat down on a barstool, like a darn fool / 'Cause she walked out again / Bartender said, I got you / Yeah, 'cause I, too, have been in your boots, my friend / Opened up back in '85, got me over my first wife / Been stayin' busy since the first night / It's a story old as time.

God made the world in seven short days / He said it was good, I bet it was great / And God made a man, the man got lonely / He said, “Please, Lord, if I could only have an angel to hold in my arms / So God made a girl, his best work of art / Oh, but he didn't make no place to go when she breaks your heart / So man madе a bar.

Eric Church:
For some guys it's a good time / The half pricе, half dozen buckets of beer / Some say it's a cover band, that's a cover man / I know why they're here / It didn't go the way he planned it / Damn, the devil did some damage.

Repeat Chorus:

Sometimes an angel falls too hard / Loses more than just a piece of her heart / And she needs a place to go and make a brand new start

Repeat Chorus

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