Country superstar Luke Bryan is trying to bring some cheer to a teenage girl who was the victim of a shark attack on a Florida beach. Find out exactly how the country singer reached out to the girl sending love and prayers for a quick recovery.

15-year-old Lulu Gribbin was one of three shark attacks that occurred along the Florida beaches of Watersound and Seacrest Beach Friday, June 7.

The first was a 45-year-old woman who withstood an attack to her midsection, pelvis and left arm. According to ABC News, she would later have to have her left arm amputated.

Only four miles away, the next attack would happen. Two teenagers were on a mother-daughter trip and ventured out to the sandbars close by.

Anna Blair, Lulu’s mother has been keeping family, friends, and now strangers updated on her daughter’s recovery on Lulu’s Caring Bridge page.

The young girl had to have both her left hand and right leg amputated. However, she’s alive and her family is well aware that is a gift.

“I came up on a group of people surrounding someone on the ground and looked down and it was Lulu who was there. Ellie found me and said, ‘Mom, it's Lulu.’ I saw her wounds on her leg and started to scream.  She was lifeless her eyes closed mouth white and pale,” she writes. “The wound on her leg, or all that was left of her leg, was something out of a movie.”

It’s been a week since her daughter was attacked and started on a long road to recovery.

“We were finally able to get the anesthesiologist in, she drove 40 miles on her off day to help Lulu,” she writes. "She said I have a daughter, and knew I needed to be here. We were able to figure out that the catheter with the pain block in her arm was not fully getting to the nerves."

"She did an ultrasound and could see it clearly and she also showed it to Lulu. She then did a local block in the room that should last us 24 hours or until the surgery tomorrow and they can replace the one that was not working. I just can't imagine what sort of pain she was feeling. Today was a hard day!”

Lulu’s story has gone viral, touching many through her perspective and resilience.

Luke Bryan, also a frequent vacationer to Florida, was quick to reach out.

“I have children that have played down there their whole life,” he shares. “So when I heard about your story, I’ve continued to do the followups to check on your progress.”

“I wanted you to know we are thinking of you and pray over your quick recovery. I can’t even imagine what you’ve been through.”

The country star isn’t the only celebrity to reach out.

Eli Manning, Nick Saban and Cailtin Clark also expressed their thoughts and prayers.

Lulu’s Instagram page can be found here, and updates are posted daily on her Caring Bridge site.

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