It was an epic snow day in Nashville on Monday (Jan. 15). Many country artists were out watching the magic of the winter wonderland through their children’s eyes, but Kane Brown also took some time out to help others.

Brown and his wife, Katelyn, made good use out of the multiple inches of snow their front yard had accumulated. Katelyn captured little girl giggles as Kane aggressively sledded down their hill with their oldest daughter, Kingsley.

"Oh, it's all in her face. Are you okay?" says Katelyn from behind the camera.

"Yeah, it's so cold I can't see," Kingsley replies.


However, not everyone got to spend the day playing in the snow and having fun with loved ones. Many still had to brave the treacherous weather conditions and go to work.

Brown, recognizing this, knew he could directly help transport people back and forth from work back home.

“Kane went to the gas station this morning and has been seeing people working,” Katelyn shares on her Instagram Story. “So, he’s giving them rides home from work. He gave them his number and told them to call whenever they got off work.”


Brown knew he had a vehicle capable of plowing through the powdered terrain, so he decided to assist where he could.

“So currently Kane is like the Uber driver of Nashville,” Katelyn jokes.

Per the Tennessean, Nashville’s Monday snowfall surpassed the yearly average within 24 hours. The city hasn’t hit the overall average yet, but meteorologists are predicting more harsh weather on the horizon.

Snow Day! See Photos of Country Stars + Their Kiddos Playing in the Snow

Monday (Jan. 15) was an unusually wintry day in Nashville, with several inches piling up. Snow like this doesn't come around Middle Tennessee often, so of course country stars, their kids and even their pets had to get out and play!

Gallery Credit: Carena Liptak

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