As online casinos, like those featured at Slotozilla Canada, become increasingly popular, more individuals have become interested in evaluating the dynamics prevalent in these casinos. One of the biggest questions that people have is this: does gender play a role in the way people play at casinos?

In other words, can we see a difference in the way men and women place their bets? That is exactly the topic that this article is looking to uncover. Keep on reading to find out more about how men and women differ in their casino behaviors.

Reasons for Playing

Technically, both men and women indulge in betting because of two reasons: for entertainment and to make money. However, women are slightly more leaning towards the entertainment side of things, as compared to men. The difference might be subtle, but it shows an overall change in the way that the two sexes approach the casino.

Women also often gamble online just out of boredom or because they’d like to practice gambling for free. What that means is that online casinos give you the option to try out games without involving money in them. However, this is not a choice available at land-based casinos. Thus, women are likely to resort to online websites for their practice sessions.

Game Choice

According to various studies, differences have also been observed in the type of games that men and women choose to bet on. Since women are more likely to play just for entertainment, they are also slightly more likely to select low-stakes games that don’t require a lot of strategic planning. Examples of these include bingo or slot machines.

On the other hand, men are more likely to go for high-stakes games such as poker or baccarat. However, stereotypes are also changing in the casino arena. Before, it was presumed that mostly older women play bingo, but now, younger people, including men, have also started indulging in the game. This change has occurred due to the accessibility of the game, which has been increased by online bingo rooms.

There are also certain game choices that appeal to both men and women. A big example of this is roulette, a game based on both luck and strategy. Because roulette offers the best of both worlds, it has proven to be popular among both sexes.

Amount of Gambling

Men are likely to spend more time and money on gambling per week, as compared to women. Although both genders usually have just one or two gambling accounts to their name. Men are also more likely to gamble even on special occasions, such as birthdays or weddings, but that’s not something that women are seen doing often.

Some think this is because women have a higher number of responsibilities on these occasions and also a higher emotional attachment to such sentimental events. Women not only have fewer gambling sessions, but their sessions also last for shorter durations, as compared to men.

Personality Traits and Winning

It can be said that men are slightly more risk-taking than women when it comes to gambling. This is because when men win a big amount, they’re more likely to keep gambling that sum, trying to bag even more cash. On the other hand, women often take their big win and drop out of the game.

Women also place smaller wagers as compared to men, because they want to take less risk. Men often tend to be highly optimistic about their chances of winning, so they go with high wagering amounts. Men are also slightly more impulsive than women, and studies have found that a higher level of impulsiveness can lead to more gambling.

Stigma Around Betting

Studies have also shown that men and women experience gambling differently, in the sense that women are more likely to have feelings of guilt and shame around their betting habits. This shows that there is a higher stigma attached to female gambling, which may often lead women to feel worse about being at a casino as compared to men. This can also make it harder for women to receive help for their problem gambling because they might feel pressured to hide their gambling habits or lie about them.

Gambling Addiction

Despite women having more shame around their gambling habits, men are more likely to develop gambling addiction. A study by BBC shows that, on average, men are 7.5 times more likely than women to become problem gamblers. There are several reasons for this phenomenon.

Some experts believe that men have personality traits that make them prone to gambling addiction, for example, being impulsive or high-risk-takers. Men are also highly involved in the sports arena, which goes hand in hand with gambling. The way that these two things are marketed to men together also plays a role in their gambling habits.

However, just because men have a higher chance of developing gambling addiction doesn’t mean that this problem does not affect women. In fact, problem gambling is a big problem among women as well, and resources need to be made available for both sexes.

Gambling Location

Men are more likely to frequent land-based casinos, whereas women are more likely to gamble on their phones. This difference occurs because women often don’t have enough time to step out of the house and spend hours in a casino room. Men often accompany their friends to casinos and use this as an opportunity to socialize amongst peers.=

This is why a lot of social media gambling ads have started targeting women as well because they’re aware that they can tap into a huge female demographic with their online offerings. Women also tend to use social media more than men do, so they can be reached much more easily with these advertisement offerings.

Gambling Differences Among Men and Women - Statistics

Now that we’ve established the main gambling differences between men and women let’s take a look at some statistical differences in their gambling habits:

30% of men place bets during live sports gamesOnly 11% of women bet live on sports games
16% of British men have an awareness of gambling management toolsOnly 14% of British women are aware of gambling management tools
46% of men are affected by gambling-related adsGambling-related ads affect only 42% of women
Social media posts related to gambling manage to influence 50% of menHowever, 56% of women are affected by these posts

Final Thoughts

Even though both men and women enjoy playing at casinos, there are significant differences in the way they approach gambling. Evaluating and understanding these differences can be quite insightful for anyone in the gambling industry, whether it’s casino owners or providers of responsible gambling resources.


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