A few songs mentioned on this list of country songs you didn't know were about sex are rated PG or PG-13. Others?

Well, the lyrics to No. 7 probably shouldn't be read aloud in a professional environment, or with kids around.

Willie Nelson, Miranda Lambert, Mel Tillis and Gene Watson are iconic country stars who winked as they sang about cowboy love and life. They're hardly alone. Garth Brooks, George Strait, Brad Paisley and Kris Kristofferson also performed songs that range from cheeky to filthy.

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The final song on this list isn't a country song, per se, but it was so pervasive during the 1990s that you might have heard it spun on country radio once or twice. It's an international hit that came with a dance, but relies on a story fit for late night cable television.

Song No. 7 on our list wasn't a radio hit. In fact, you might be learning about this seemingly food-centric ditty for the first time today. Find a quiet space and read the lyrics we provided out loud if you want to be convinced.

There's also a link to all 13 songs on this list, when possible. It's worth noting that 10 of these 13 songs were huge hits on country radio, while another was found on one of the most popular albums of the last 20 years.

Which song lyrics got by you?

13 Country Songs You Didn't Know Are About SEX

The 13 songs on this list of country songs about sex range from cheeky, to dirty to flat-out pornographic. With apologies to those who fell in love with these hits from George Strait, Miranda Lambert and more, here's what they were really singing about.

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