During the Season 1 finale of 1923, Spencer learns a big secret about his new wife, Alex. We're as confused as he was.

It happens during the final 10 minutes as he's in the Captain's quarters to learn his fate for an earlier altercation that involved Alexandra's ex-fiancé, Arthur. Consider this a spoiler alert, as we'll dive into what happened — and why it matters — next.

  • Spencer and Alexandra are played by Brandon Sklenar and Julia Schlaepfer.
  • The couple have been trying to get back to Montana for most of Season 1.
  • Season 2 of 1923 is confirmed, air date TBA.

The ship captain refers to Alexandra is the "Countess of Sussex," a title Spencer did not know she held. It seems he didn't just run away with a wealthy British socialite: She's an heir to the British throne.

Spencer accidentally kills Arthur after being challenged to a duel on the deck of the Majestic, the ship they're taking to get from Sicily to their next port. Arthur — who Alex left quite abruptly during Ep. 2 — is defending his honor and foolishly challenges the professional hunter. It was as good of an idea as it sounds.

Here's where it gets confusing: She is referred to as "Countess of Sussex" while Arthur's father is called the Earl of Sussex (several publications state that Arthur himself is Earl, but that's not right). In most cases, a countess is wife to an earl. That's not the case here.

So, how is Alexandra a countess? Precise explanations are hard to find online. It's a topic that even boggles the world wide web!

Per Pure Wow, a woman can inherit the title of Countess from her father, an Earl, if when he dies he leaves behind no male heirs. One source we found states that she can inherit the title if she is daughter of a Duke, marries a Viscount and then her father-in-law dies. This would mean Alex is either divorced or a widow.

What's tricky — and perhaps deceptive in 1923 — is how there's an unmarried Earl of Sussex and Countess of Sussex. Presumably, young Arthur's mother would be Countess of Sussex, but Alex is clearly given the title.

At this point we can either assume that as viewers we don't have all the information, or that Taylor Sheridan made an error in writing, as this is all very confusing. The important takeaway is that Alex is royalty, which means she has money.

And who needs money?

The man and woman who raised her new husband needs money to pay back Montana miner Donald Whitfield after he put a lien on the ranch when he paid the Duttons' property taxes. Should she arrive in Montana safely — a big "if" after a season finale that finds her very far from that goal — she's bring a potential solution to one of their big problems.

If you saw a British royalty plot line brewing at the start of 1923, considering yourself a Yellowstone universe genius.

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