Guests are fun, right? For as much as we like to think about where we want to go, it's easy to forget the joy that can come from actually receiving a visitor. Provided they don't overstay their welcome, entertaining guests can leave you with a sense of pride and community. Again, that is assuming that they don't overstay their welcome. How long that actually takes really depends on the host.

Colorado is a great state to live in, and its natural wonder and overabundance of beautiful scenery make it a great place to visit as well. Our mountains alone are enough to entice many a tourist to our borders, both foreign and domestic. On that international front, there's actually one country in particular that seems to love the Centennial State more than most: jolly old England!

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According to a new study from Empire Stakes, travelers from the United Kingdom find Colorado to be the most popular state to visit in the US. They looked at search volume over a five-year period and determined that our friends across the pond searched for our lovely state more than any other when making their travel plans. I can only assume it's because our mountains are cool, and theirs are not.

Now, despite what they may sometimes try to have you believe, there are other countries in Europe besides the UK, and this study was actually meant to determine which states were most popular in which countries. Shocking absolutely nobody, New York was the most searched-for state in 9 out of the 25 countries utilized for the study, making the Empire State the clear number one on this list. Some of those countries that love NY are Turkey, Ukraine, and Greece.

What I find most surprising, personally, is how much the people of Russia seem to love the state of Massachusetts. Maybe it has something to do with that socialized medicine I've heard so much about.

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