When you hear about Denver on the Western Slope, it's usually somebody complaining about all the crime in our capital city. It's a shame, really, as Denver is actually a pretty awesome town when you spend some time there. That being said, I certainly wouldn't want to live there.

Apparently, I'm not alone in that assessment. We've spoken before about the fact that Colorado is no longer the hot relocation destination. No matter how many Californians people seem to think are colonizing the state, the truth of the matter is that they just aren't actually coming here anymore. Worse still, it sounds like we can't keep people here, either; especially in Denver, unfortunately.

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A recent report from Redfin has found that the people of Denver, in 2023, have seemingly decided that they no longer want to live in Denver. Looking at how Americans were moving around the country this year, they found that nearly 4,000 Denverites were thinking about leaving the city; the 8th-highest outflow in the country.

Where are these folks heading, you might ask? Well, some of them are just leaving Denver to head elsewhere in Colorado, but according to the report, many of them seem to be trading the Mile High City for the Windy City of Chicago. Now, moving from Denver to Chicago makes sense on the surface, but if you're leaving Denver to, say, save money, precisely how much money do you expect to save in what is essentially "not-New York"?

What do you think: would you trade the city of Denver for Chi-Town? Do you think there's any real merit in moving from one major city to another? Let us know your opinion on AppChat.

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