I remember working here in the early 90's when a record rep came in to the building and told me that I just had to hear this duo that he thought was going to be something very special. It was a new act called Brooks & Dunn. I remember being knocked out by the soulful southern preacher sounding vocal of Ronnie Dunn and the songs were catchy as the flu.

Those boys went on to have one heck of career and be the most successful recording duo in country music history. It was on this date in 2009 that they announced that the ride was over and they were going their separate ways. They have joined up now and then for some Vegas shows and other events, which is awesome, but announced the end 8 years ago today.

I thought I would commemorate the day by putting up my 5 favorite Brooks & Dunn songs. Keep in mind, these are not their biggest hits but my personal favs. Enjoy a little B&D today. Thanks for the music guys.

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