Today is National Start Your Country Day. How cool would that be? You get to start your own country. You could have your own flag, anthem. rulers, laws and whatever else, it's your call. You create your country. I am embracing this day and creating my own country called BriLand. Here are a few things you will find if you choose to live in BriLand.

The first thing you will notice about BriLand is that it has a kind of lovey, peaceful, hippiesque vibe to it. Our anthem will be the Bellamy Brothers - "Let Your Love Flow" and we will join hands when we sing it. There will be no Twitter and in fact Fridays will be Phone Free Fridays where all cell phones will be shut down for 24 hours every Friday to force human contact and interaction. Thursdays will continue to be No Bitch Thursdays where you are only allowed to say positive things. There will big time out chairs in town for people who break these rules to sit and chill awhile until they are ready to join our society.

We will initiate Free Bacon Wednesdays. We will have bacon stands set up all around the area serving up a couple of crispy slices to enhance the mood of all BriLandonites. I will incorporate Susan's idea of name tags for everyone. It will be like Disneyland where you will be able to address everyone by name because it's right there on their chest. It's a friendlier world when you call each other by name. You take a pledge when you move into BriLand that you promise to do at least 3 things a day that put a smile on someones face.

Our current form of currency will be replaced by a old fashioned barter system where we do things for each other to pay for our goods. Possessing mayonnaise or onions will be grounds for immediate removal from the country with no trial.

As far as education goes...our schools will be the biggest and most elaborate structures in our country and our music programs will be the talk of the globe. Come join the BriLand movement and join my little country. Everyone is welcome until you are mean or bring mayo. Happy Start Your Own Country Day.

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