I cannot imagine a world without drive thru windows. I know we did not have them when I was very little but when they first popped up it was so cool to be able to order food without getting out of the car. What a great concept.

We now have drive thru windows for everything from coffee to weddings and even funerals. We use the drive thru all the time yet so many treat the person at the window like they are less than human. Todd and I both used to work the drive thru at Hardee's when they were around, and can both attest to the unpleasantness of many at the window. Most people are very nice but there are some who just seem to think that if you are working a drive thru window, you are somewhat inferior to them. I cry BS! I just want to salute all the drive thru workers out there. You have to see the worst of people and still have a smile on your face. There are some workers who should never be put at the window and have no business trying to take an order but most are trying their best.

I will say that for some reason, at least 20% of the time, my order is screwed up at the drive thru though. I am not sure how this always happens but it does. Thanks for trying and I hope all you drive thru workers have a great day and that the customers treat you with respect, unless you forget my fries.

Have you ever worked a drive thru window?

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