Colorado is home to many unique species – from large mammals to tiny forest dwellers, there's tons of different animals that live throughout the state. But which animal is considered the strangest to inhabit Colorado?

Reader's Digest came up with a list, pointing out the most unusual animals in all 50 states. It could be because they sound strange, act funny, or look weird, whatever the reason may be, these critters are definitely distinct. When it comes to Colorado, the magazine picked the sage grouse as being the weirdest. Not only are these birds interesting to look at, but they have some very unique behaviors too, especially during breeding season. When it comes time to mate, the males develop different feathers than normal, and return back to the same place every year. Once arrived, they strut their stuff, fan their feathers, and puff their chests until bright yellow air sacs are revealed to the hens.

Male sage grouse putting on a strutting display
Getty Images/iStockphoto

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