I am battling a breakfast meat dilemma. In early October my Minnesota Vikings played the Denver Broncos and lost a close game. I bet a pound of bacon with several coworkers, that the Vikings would win. I lost several pounds of bacon that day and one of them was to our very own Matt Sparx. It took a couple of weeks but I finally did come to work sporting a pound of thick cut bacon and handed it to Sparx with my head hung in defeat. I was expecting him to go home and enjoy the salty pork taste of victory...that never happened.

Every morning I go down to the refrigerator at work and still see the pound of bacon that Sparx won from me sitting in the freezer. It has now been at least 5 months. I say it is time to reclaim the bacon. There is only so much time that can pass before a fat, bacon loving morning radio announcer has to take the bacon in as a foster parent. He obviously is not caring for these tasty strips of hog flesh so I feel it is my duty to take them in and give them a loving home. Bacon can not be wasted and just left to get freezer burnt in an icy tomb. Today, I take the bacon home. Am I wrong? Should it just sit in the freezer? I think not. Sparx, you have lost your meat bro. I am taking it home to it's final resting place.


Many of you may feel I am wrong and some may feel I am doing the right thing. Let me know your opinion in this very important poll. Please take the time to vote and let me know where you think the bacon should live. Regardless...it's coming home with me today.

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