I have lived in Greeley for over 30 years and there is still something that just puzzles me. Why does it seem like every storm skips Greeley? I am a big weather freak and get lit up when the weather gets a bit dicey. I will watch the radar constantly and follow storm patterns and see where they are headed. I get so excited at the thought of a good rumbling thunderstorm and wait in anticipation every time there is a chance of storms, but I am usually left disappointed with no weather action at all because I live in Greeley, where the storms won't go.

Time after time I watch a storm system building and it is right on path to nail Greeley and then as it is about to cover the dot showing where I am on my weather map, it just scoots right around my dot and reforms just past me. You will find wicked storms in areas all around Greeley but rarely Greeley itself. Kersey, Nunn and all those areas get hammered with weather more than they would like but for some reason Greeley seems to have a severe weather shield around it. Is there a reason this happens that I don't know about or am I just wrong and that Greeley doesn't get skipped by the weather? Please help me solve this meteorological mystery.

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