The time is here! Flying cars have been on our minds since we started watching the "Jetsons" as young kids. You'll still need a sports pilots license though.

A company based in Woburn, MA has set out to change the way we travel. Well, you have to have a lot of disposable income and a sports pilots license but if you have those two things, you can avoid some of those epic traffic jams.

Terrafugia has already tested and marketed a flying car that is in fact on the market. The vehicle known as "The Transition" can be legally driven on the road from your home directly to the tarmac of your local airport.

Here some fun facts on The Transition:

  • Seats two
  • Cruise speed of 110 mph
  • Range of 410 miles
  • 1700 ft take-off
  • 500 pound payload
  • Burns 5 gph in the air
  • 35 mpg on the road
  • Full vehicle parachute
  • Fuel efficient 100 hp Rotax 912iS engine

The Transition will fit in any single car garage but comes with a price tag of about $279,000 and you can get one ordered for a refundable down payment of $10,000 and anyone can get a sports pilot license which only takes about 20 hours.

The other flying car they are working on is called the TF-X (click the link for specs) and more my style. The 4-person vehicle, which is still just a prototype, will be able to take off and land from just about anywhere as it has a vertical lift like a helicopter.

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