I spend a lot of time thinking. Just sitting around and getting lost in my brain is one of my favorite pastimes and it can be both scary and rewarding. I am not sure how this brain of mine works but I try to figure it out on a daily basis. I like to try to improve my mind and gain wisdom. Many times a thought will come to my mind that I find helpful and I like to share them. I always put these on Facebook and get a lot of reactions from folks so I thought I would just throw a few of the "inspirational" things I have posted lately and throw them together in a blog. If any of these words help you get through a day at all...I am honored. I have much to learn and life is an amazing teacher if you pay attention to the lessons. Here are a few of my posts from the month of May. Be my friend on Facebook and ride my mind with me.

Whenever you think someone is talking down to you, check yourself and make sure you aren't expecting them to talk up to you. They may just be talking to you straight on. Sometimes we think more of ourselves than we should. Make this a day worth getting up for. Move forward today. Great things await you today. Open up and receive what is yours.

What you don't say speaks as loudly as what you do...be mindful of what you communicate not just what you say. This crap just comes into my brain sometimes. I'll show myself out. Get back to what you were doing.

Find your joy today or make whatever changes you need to make so you can find it. Don't waste another moment waiting. Today is the day. Embrace the opportunity for acceptance or change, whichever applies. You have to live with you...be someone you love and treat yourself that way. We all deserve and need to be told we are worthy and valued. You, my friend are very valued and have much to offer the world today. Do what you must to realize your power. You matter. WE are the world. WE set the tone. Unite warriors...unite. We got this

Sometimes it gets so heavy only a child can lift you. Let them.


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