While we're all dealing with inflation and the overall price of life at an all time high, one thing that seems to be inflation proof with prices staying low is the cost of weed.

So while millions of Americans struggle with making ends meet and trying to stay afloat, if you need a little something to calm you down, there's this news.

From housing, to gas to groceries and everything else, prices have been and look to continue to surge but as for the price of weed, it continues to remain low and even drop.

Well, at least it's something. Granted, for most people and families pinching pennies to make ends meet, the last thing they can afford is a trip to the weed shop, if you have the means and can swing it, you're in luck.

About a week ago,  the Colorado Department of Revenue reported both medical and recreational marijuana sales saw a 13% decrease in February 2022 compared to February 2021.

I'm not positive but it looks like the assessment of people having a harder time being able to find that spare change to head to the weed store is coming into play as marijuana sales in Colorado has suffered about $22 million in lost revenue.

So as a result, prices have dropped to near historic lows where the price of a pound was $799.

I don't know about you but I certainly don't have an extra $800 to throw around for a pound of weed but if this is within your budget, you're getting a steal of a deal. 


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