I just returned from a week in Nashville for the Country Radio Seminar. This is where radio programmers from around the country gather to discuss the industry and it's music. I sat in on some great panel discussions, saw some great friends and made many new ones. I also heard tons and tons of new music.

I left the seminar very excited about the upcoming year in country and the sounds we are going to be bringing you. I am thrilled to say that that sound is...country. I heard more 'country' country music than I  have heard in years. I saw cowboy hats and heard steel guitars. What a great concept! Artists like our friend William Michael Morgan are championing a familiar sound that many of us have missed. There is one new act that really stood out to me as one to look out for and that is Midland. This trio has a sound that takes me back to the days of Keith Whitley. I fell in love with their sound and we will be bringing them here for you for a New From Nashville in the near future. This is going to be great year in country music and I can't wait to share the ride with you.


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