I grew up loving Elvis. I spent all of my money on his records and would watch every single Elvis movie or TV special when they would come on. I would buy every magazine with his picture on it and wanted to be Elvis. There has been no bigger influence in my life aside from family than Elvis so you can imagine how crushed I was to hear of his death at the age of 42 when it happened 40 years ago today.

I remember my parents were out somewhere at a function and my brother and I were home. I had the TV on when a news report broke in with David Brinkley. There was a picture in the corner of the screen of Elvis with the dates 1935-1977 and I knew what that meant. I immediately broke down in tears and sat in disbelief. My mothers friend Linda, who lived down the street and was also a huge Elvis fan, was home so I went to her house and we cried and listened to Elvis. I can't imagine what the world would look like if Elvis had never been in it. Thank you Gladys and Vernon for the gift of you boy and we will remember him with grateful hearts and ears today. God bless the memory of The King of Rock and Roll.

Here is a news report from the day my music died.


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