It was one of those moments I will never forget. I was just finishing my morning shift here at K99 when the teletype (that is how we used to get news before the internet) starting going off. I walked over to clear it and was stunned by the news that was coming across. One of my favorite singers, Keith Whitley had just died. My jaw dropped in disbelief.

His single at that time, "I'm No Stranger to the Rain" was blasting up the charts and Keith was poised to be the next big superstar in country music. Unfortunately on this morning 29 years ago Keith lied down and never got up again. He died of alcohol poisoning and I still feel robbed to this day. This guy had so many more years of hits in him.

We remember your music and still feel the loss today. Thank you for sharing your talents with us if only for a much too brief period of time. Rest easy Kentucky bluebird.

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