These days it seems like everyone is protesting something. We get all worked up over something someone said or did and decide that we will no longer have anything to do with anything that person, or company, has to do with.

I can't count how many times I have had people tell me they are protesting this persons music because of their stance on guns or politics or other social issues. Right now people are throwing or burning Nike products. The thing is, we get all worked up for a few weeks and then something else comes up that the news and social media tells us we are supposed to infuriated about. Do you even remember who killed Cecil the Lion?

I know that protests have had a huge impact on making change in our countries history but it just seems like we are a little quick to condemn and boycott things these days and are a bit too sensitive and intolerant. Let your voice be heard...I am all for it but don't just jump into the newest thing to be upset about.

I know a lot of folks will still be protesting the NFL this year and I do get that...I really do. How about you? Are you currently protesting something?

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