My youth was spend hanging out in and working in record stores. I loved spending the day there just flipping through the album covers and deciding what I thought would be cool to buy. I spent every penny I had while I was growing up, on music. I am now a 53 years old man but still do the same thing.

I look forward to Friday because it is new release day for albums. I really miss going to record stores on this day. I still think they should reinvent the music industry and stop selling everything by download only. I would love to go into a store and buy a music triple pack. Sell me the LP, a CD copy and download all in the same pack like a BluRay/DVD combo pack. I would be in the store every week. I hate that there is essentially only one place to get music. I want mom and pop back in the record business but I digress...

The point I am making is that most people don't even own music anymore. You think that subscribing to a music service gives you the music but it just lets you listen. You should actually buy it if you like it. I love the artists, the musicians and the songwriters and those are the people who should be making money on the music, instead they are around the bottom of the profit pool. I want the music business to be alive forever and the artists who make the art to make the money. Do your part and support the music by buying it. Last week alone I bought an old BR5-49 album, an old Elvis is Back album, The Very Best of Confederate Railroad, Eric Church Desperate Man, Mo Pitney and Cher Dancing Queen..yes I bought Cher. Do your part as a fan and buy some music to keep. Music really does have value.

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