If you've ever been snarled in traffic on I-25 north of Denver, you know how long it can take to go from 58th Street to 144th.

Well, next week, new express lanes that will open on the highway should ease traffic, at least a bit.

According to TheDenverChannel.com the northbound lane will open on Monday March 14, 2016 and the southbound lane will open a few days later.

For an area with intersecting highways, a busy city and a growing population, adding more space to crowded commutes is only going to improve the drive with a view of the Rocky Mountains. Well, call it the stretch that takes you to the drive with a view.

This bottleneck area is always the one that slows me down. Things move surprisingly quickly from Mile High to south of 84th, when I-76 drops everyone onto an already crowded I-25. Then, it creeps along until it opens back up and the speed limit goes up just past Cabela's. With added space there, the drive from Denver to the north could be even less painful.

Tolls will be in place and they vary depending on what kind of transponder you have on your vehicle, time of travel, and other factors.

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