Since COVID hit and the world shut down, several thousands of people's travel plans also came to a screeching halt. Some were left stranded for a bit overseas, some had to cancel vacations, and some have been counting down the days until travel opens up freely again.

The UK is a popular spot for vacations, but it's especially popular with Colorado residents. It's also no news that the United Kingdom has been extremely strict with travel restrictions, even after the release of the vaccine.

Hundreds of people have been counting down the days and trying to convince the UK to open up travel again, especially to those who are vaccinated. Now, the UK has finally announced it is going to change its COVID-19 travel requirements.

The UK Government released on September 17, 2021, that they would be lessening international travel restrictions and simplifying travel for U.S. travelers. Starting October 4, 2021, fully vaccinated travelers will no longer have to take a pre-departure test (PDT) when traveling to the UK.

So, grab your passports, pack your bags, and get ready to see the world outside of the United States. Here are the most popular destinations in the UK for Coloradans, and here are flights you can grab tomorrow that can take you across the pond.

Most popular UK destinations for Coloradans

London and Edinburgh seem to be givens. While there is a plethora of tourist attractions and millions of people to mingle with for a taste of the culture, it's popular for a reason. The history, art, architecture, and culture hits you the second you step out of Heathrow.

However, if the city feel isn't your beat, Brighton is the vacation that will take you away from the Colorado mountains for an international beach vacation. Just in time for the change in weather and fall chill that's rolling in!

How to travel from Colorado to the UK RIGHT NOW

My favorite site to use for the cheapest options for international flights and to see all your options on one page is Skyscanner. Right now, you could hop on United and fly from Denver to London with just one layover for just $558.


And that's the price for scheduling a flight the day before departure! The further out you plan, the better your chances of getting a killer deal.

Vaccination information for Colorado residents can be found here.

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