The best thing you can do for the world is to give it the best you that you can every single day. You owe it to all of us, and especially those close to you and you yourself, to be able to offer a great product every day. You are the product. When a store is ready to open for business they will make sure everything is clean and presentable and ready to give the best impression of what it is to all who encounter it. People are no different, but how do you be the best you that you can? making yourself happy.

On a daily basis you need to do whatever it is that puts you in that 'happy zone'. For some people listening to music that they love puts them in that zone while for others it may be going for a run or to the gym. There are folks who find peace and happiness in cooking or painting. There are those who turn to prayer for their peace and happiness. Whatever you do that puts you in that low stress, soul freeing and joyful state of mind is what you need to do more of. We need the person you are after these activities, in this world making a difference and setting the tone. We really can change the world one person at a time and it starts with us. Do what you must to offer your best.

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