The City of Fort Collins offers many different types of rebate programs that help residents save money.

I have taken advantage of many of them. We did the reduced price energy audit to see how efficient our house was (not). That took about a $400 service and cut it to $60. We upgraded our insulation with a low interest loan that was tacked on to our utility bill.

I've gotten money back from replacing toilets, and using a battery powered lawn mower.

When the city offers these things, they want us to use them. Our quality of living improves life for everyone in Northern Colorado, so why not take advantage?

Like the man in the movie says, "Yes, have some."

“This new tool will increase residents’ awareness of the many resources available and assist them in finding programs more easily,” said Beth Sowder, director of the City’s Social Sustainability department.

Some of the benefits available include:

  • Grocery Sales Tax Rebate: Qualified residents may receive a rebate of up to $56 for sales tax paid on food during the previous year.
  • Dial-a-Ride: Individuals who cannot use Transfort due to disabilities may use this door-to-door paratransit service.
  • Recreation Reduced Fee Program: People who demonstrate financial need may receive discounts on class registration and facilities fees.

The tool, accessible at, includes a searchable chart that allows residents to see the benefit title, a brief description, who qualifies, and which department sponsors the benefit. Links are also provided for more in-depth information on individual benefits.

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