Let's be very clear about something to begin with..I am a huge Denver Bronco fan. I love the Broncos and will cheer for them every week unless they play my Minnesota Vikings. I cheer for Denver and have adopted them as my second favorite team without question but when you are born and raised in an area you tend to bleed the colors of that team. I know the blood runs orange and blue around here. I am from the Minnesota and North Dakota area and have purple blood for the Minnesota Vikings but it has more orange in it than every before.

I am very excited that the Broncos signed former Viking quarterback Case Keenum this year. I loved Case last year for my Vikings and wanted them to resign him. I was not excited about the Vikings spending around $90 million for Kirk Cousins. I am not a huge Cousins fan and think he is highly overrated. I know the Broncos wanted him too but they will be glad they didn't spend insane Osweiler-like money on Cousins and got Keenum for about half the price. Case is exactly the type of QB the Broncos need and I look forward to watching him run this offense.

Yesterday the family and I went to Scheels to look around and saw they had both Kirk Cousins and Case Keenum jerseys. I asked my grandsons which one they thought I should get. They both quickly exclaimed "KEENUM". I agreed. I still bleed my purple but will be cheering for the Broncos louder then ever before while wearing my new 4 jersey. Bring on football. I am ready.

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