The business world can be an ugly place. It can be an unfortunate place at times where good people lose their jobs for no reason. It has probably happened to you or someone you know. I know it happened to my wife years ago after putting in 30 plus years for someone to suddenly not be in the picture, can be a bit of a shock and turn your world upside down.

In this business, like many others, you fear for your job on a daily basis. It can be a stressful existence but we all find our way to adapt and deal. I was thinking about it last night and realized that I have never actually been fired. I know that is hard to believe but it is true. I have been close several times but the person who was going to fire me always ended up losing their job before they could do it. I have been far.

How about you? How many times have you gotten that dreaded "the boss would like to see you" message? You might be one of those lucky ones like me who has not gone through it. Let me know and vote here. Have a great day and you are doing a super job by the way. You deserve a raise.

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