Call me an old hippie if you will but I believe the world is always talking to us and giving us information. If we stop and listen you are led properly. I have gotten really in tune with my inner voices and listen to them and it has helped me on endless occasions. Today may have been one of those days.

I was getting ready to leave for work this morning and jump on my motorcycle. A voice inside of me was telling me to take the truck instead, for some reason. I was about to ignore my inner warning and jump on anyway and then at the last minute I went back in and grabbed the truck keys and took the truck. I am glad I did.

A couple of years ago on my way to work I came around the corner on 257 heading into Windsor from 34 when suddenly a deer appeared and I smashed right into it. Since that day I have always been a little leery going around that area in the dark of morning for fear of hitting another one. My biggest fear has been hitting one while on my motorcycle. A truck will usually win against a deer but a motorcycle has a less impressive victory percentage against Bambi. This was my truck after the deer and I met that day.

Brian Gary, TSM
Brian Gary, TSM

Well, this morning as I came around that same venison infested area, a big ole deer jumped out in front of my truck again. I was able to avoid it but if I had been on my motorcycle I am not so sure I would have been as lucky. I think that voice earlier this morning was warning me. I am glad I listened. Don't be afraid to embrace those little voices in your head. They may be your guardian angels.

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