Some days you just don’t feel like doing the WHOLE course. On other days, you just don’t have time for 18. Maybe it’s a situation where you want to do the same nine twice.  Whatever your reason may be, let me show you how I mapped a great nine at Edora.

Edora Disc Golf
Dave Jensen, TSM

I’ve been playing disc golf at Edora Park in Fort Collins for over 20 years. Back in the day, hole 5 came down from Prospect and crossed over Spring Creek. It was a really fun hole. The Spring Creek Flood of 1997 put that to an end. They eventually moved a lot of holes over to the east side of the park. Today, about half the course is east of Riverside by the power plant- I don't think that that area is even a PART of Edora Park! We call that area ‘Wyoming’- not because it’s north, but because it’s so… not grassy.

Recently, I set out with my brother to just shoot nine holes.  We decided we’d avoid as much of ‘Wyoming’ as we could while ending the nine near the parking lot off of Riverside, where we usually park. I have to be honest: I think we nailed it.

Get out and try it out! I think you'll find that it's pretty fun!

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