Aaron Watson is one of my favorite singers period. I love his music and who he is. Aaron has carried on the traditions that George Strait and Chris LeDoux believed in...being true to your roots and your family. You will have the chance to see Aaron this summer at the Greeley Stampede. You can get ticket info here. Don't miss this show.

One of the things I love about Aaron, as I mentioned earlier, is his love of his family. Every time I interview him he talks about his wife and family. Last time we visited with Aaron he told us that his new single "Run Wild Horses" may afford him the chance to get a bigger bus so he can drive it when his daughter Jolee Kate becomes a big star and he will just work on her crew.

Brian Gary, TSM
Brian Gary, TSM

Today I opened my mail to find a thank you card from Aaron for supporting his music and Jolee Kate even wrote a little note saying "thank you for playing my daddy's songs, Jolee Kate". That melted my heart. Just another reason I love this guy and his family. Pure class. Thank you Jolee Kate for making my day.

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