Here in Colorado, we love our gorgeous parks like Garden of the Gods. So, can you imagine someone installing a giant hunk of metal in one? Yeah, that happened...

...but, thankfully not for long. This week, in order to promote Colorado Springs as the home of U.S. Olympic Training Center (just in time for the 2018 Winter Olympics), someone had this grand idea, obviously geared towards park visitors and tourists on social media and Instagram.

The billboard, which read '#Olympic City USA,' did generate some buzz on social media. While not everyone was bothered by the installation, a group of Coloradans started the counter-hashtag #TakeDownThatFrame, and now, The Denver Post reports that the 12-foot sign, which went up last Thursday in Garden of the Gods, has already been (secretly) torn down.

Admittedly, this is a really cool marketing idea... for a city. Yeeeahhh, best to just leave our parks alone, thanks! Really, anything man made just doesn't belong in a place called 'Garden of the Gods.'

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