Horsetooth Mountain park is a super popular destination for people from all walks of life to hike and enjoy the beautiful Northern Colorado scenery.

I've recently grown an interest in hiking Horsetooth Mountain (or Horsetooth Rock, whichever name you see being the better fit) and have hiked it these past 2 consecutive weekends. I saw all types of people hiking - from little kids to big kids, and men and women both young and old. I'm personally the type of person who mostly gets their exercise done indoors on the elliptical machine or a treadmill at a slight incline - needless to say, hiking Horsetooth kicks my butt each time.

Then, there are the mountain bikers going up and down the mountain. While they power past me uphill I'm left wondering, how the heck are they able to do that!? Granted, they're way more experienced and dedicated to mountain biking than I, the indoor enthusiast, will ever be, therefore they have the physical strength to do it. But it just amazes me.

Since I don't think I could ever see myself actually mountain biking (at least, not hardcore), I will continue to live vicariously through them via YouTube videos.

I came across this video from mountain biker Ben Parman, in which he biked the Mill Creek descent at Horsetooth Mountain Park back in April 2013. It gives me a bit of an adrenaline rush, but also leaves me wondering if I'm actually being sent into cardiac arrest.

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