There is no greater feeling than doing things for others. No one lives this credo more than our veterans who have selflessly given themselves to us and our country. We should live our lives doing everything we can to repay this amazing act of kindness and bravery.

One organization that we believe in whole heartedly is Honor Flight Northern Colorado. I love these folks and the incredible work they do. I was turned on to Honor Flight several years ago by Mr. Charley Barnes and K99 will continue and has continued to support Honor Flight Northern Colorado in any way we can.

Last Veterans Day we did a guitar auction to raise money for Honor Flight Northern Colorado and we ended up raising about $25,000 in that single night. It was something very special to me. We are going to do it again this year on Veterans Day so be looking for details soon from K99.

Last week a few of the gentlemen from Honor Flight Northern Colorado stopped in and presented us a with picture that made tears come to ours eyes and that we will treasure forever here at the station. There is no honor like being honored by those who you admire so much. Thank you doesn't come close to expressing our gratitude.

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