It is something the majority of us have had to deal with a time or two in our lives but nobody wants it or rarely even talk about it. I am referring to the irritating nuisance of head lice. It seems like it is unavoidable for kids. It has nothing to do with being dirty or living in an unclean environment. It just spreads when kids get together it seems. I know my grandsons have gotten them from sharing batting helmets at t-ball.

January is the biggest month of the year for outbreaks of head lice. It is the time of year when we tend to break out the hats and scarves that have been stored away for months and that is where a lot of these critters like to live and lay eggs. If you see your child, or yourself, itching their head, give them a good look over on the scalp. These guys will cling to the hairs and lay those little eggs. There are many products to destroy them but you need to be on top of it right away. You can be the cleanest person in the world with cleanest home but those little guys can find their way onto anyone. I bet you just scratched your head didn't you? Click here for more info.

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