I was today years old when I learned this was a thing.

I've traveled a few times this year to places all across the country. Each time I have been stopped by a few people asking basic questions about travel. Questions about printing a boarding pass or what a standby list is or what it means to have your bag checked at the gate.

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Honestly, I really enjoy helping people. Plus, I reminded myself that there are people who have never flown on a plane in their lives and they might be nervous about it. Been there, done that.

I also reminded myself that most of us are out of practice when it comes to air travel.

For instance, I was in the security line on my last trip to California and there was a man in front of me "stripping" down for TSA. You know, taking off his shoes and emptying his pockets.

He completely forgot that he had his pocket knife attached to his belt.

After notifying TSA about it, they told him they could either take it, he could leave it with someone not traveling that day, or he could mail it back to himself. I didn't know mailing your stuff back to yourself was an option.

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See? You learn new things every day.

I also learned today that the TSA may actually auction off your confiscated item online.

Now, it's not some sketchy, black market deal from what I can tell. It seems like a way to get rid of all of those pocket knives, scissors, and hair products that are over 3.0 fluid ounces. It also appears that most stuff is sold in bulk with like items.

The website is called GovDeals.com.

From what I can tell, it's not just confiscated TSA paraphernalia. It's a place for government agencies to offload some items. Items that they couldn't get back to their rightful owner. The site totes itself as "A Liquidity Services Marketplace" and have the following description on their site.

GovDeals' online marketplace provides services to government, educational, and related entities for the sale of surplus assets to the public. Auction rules may vary across sellers.

You can search by category like aircraft parts and components, health and beauty, or pool supplies and equipment. It's all organized alphabetically. I was curious about the health and beauty category so I clicked on it and found men's and women's Rogaine, children's walkers and a massage table.

You can also search by location and there is a Colorado section.

When I wrote this article, there were a ton of vehicles listed. Most appeared to be in Denver. There was also a Caterpillar Backhoe listed.

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