It may be time for this college town to find a more sustainable way to party, because Red Solo cups (and blue ones) are no longer accepted as a recyclable item in Fort Collins.

According to KDVR, Fort Collins, along with Estes Park and Loveland, has new recycling regulations and is accepting less plastic.

'Low-value' plastics, KDVR explains, are things like to-go containers and the plastic boxes your berries come in at the grocery store. Unfortunately, that also includes Solo cups, the kind we all drink out of at parties; a piece of beer pong equipment, if you will. 

I hate to say it, but Fort Collins could learn something from Boulder, which recently unveiled a single-use aluminum cup that is far less wasteful than plastic, and just as convenient. They even use them at Folsom Field.

Learn more about the recycling changes in Northern Colorado here.

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