Have you seen this before?

As the temperatures heat up around our area and the sun begins to shine more often, we're finding ourselves outside more often. Spring can be hit or miss with nice days outside however, with summer on the horizon, we'll begin to see less winter-y days ahead. *knocks on wood*

With that being said, many of us are ready to get outdoors.

For some, that's a daytrip to a state park. For others, it's a full-blown camping adventure. There's plenty to see in the great outdoors between the views and the wildlife. You might also see a car or two wrapped in tarps. And before you think people are wrapping the tops of their vehicles in the event of inclement weather, let me just say that the tarps are covering the bottoms of vehicles.

It's because of the marmots.

According to the Weather Channel, marmots are big fans of antifreeze. Now, I've never actually tasted antifreeze, but apparently it has a sweet taste to it. And yes, it is poisonous. However, since marmots don't read warning labels, they will do just about anything to get a guzzle of that sweet nectar.

This video shows cars tarped up in California at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park.

This is obviously dangerous for the marmots themselves since antifreeze is toxic. It's also problematic for the car owner as they will chew up hoses and more to find it. Plus, I can't even imagine getting an antifreeze-addicted marmot away from the source once it's found it.

According to a National Wildlife Federation article from about 20 years ago, this isn't a new phenomenon. They quoted a US Fish and Wildlife Service biologist named Harold Werner saying, "Some 200 marmots do this every year, damaging 20-40 cars." In fact, the National Parks Service recommends that hikers should wrap their vehicles in California.

Marmots are present in North America and have been spotted in Rocky Mountain National Park. We know that animals are always looking for food and in these parks some animals are no longer afraid of human intervention. Have you seen any cars wrapped in tarps? Or have you seen any information recommending you do?

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