Today is a special day that we should all wrap our arms around and embrace. We live in a world that seems rather angry and we can change it. Today sounds like a great time to get it started.

Today is World Smile Day. I have always  believed in the power of smile and all the benefits it can bring. A smile spreads quicker and easier than the flu. It has the power to make those around you feel better and then share theirs as well. We can change the mood of the nation one smile at a time.

I have always felt that if each of us could influence 5 people a day to smile we could change the world. I don’t care if you have to fake it to start with. It is amazing how fast a fake smile turns into a real one when you throw it on. It feels good to smile. It makes your whole body happy. We all have plenty to frown about so do your part today and give someone something to smile about. Say something nice to or do something kind for someone today. Smile and share it. Happy World Smile Day,

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