Whenever I have needed her she has been there. When I would fall and get cut or break a bone...she was there. When I would screw up and get in trouble and need help...she was there. When I would score in a football game...she was there. When I needed someone to help me write out the lyrics to a song...she was there. When I wanted to learn guitar...she was there. When I wanted to go to broadcasting school...she was there. When I have been sick and just needed her...she was there. Whenever I needed someone to hug me and tell me I was ok...she was there. When I was inducted into the Country Radio Hall of Fame...she was there. When I need my mom...she IS there.

Today my wonderful mother Darlene celebrates her birthday. I wish I were there to give her one of those big mother/son hugs but I will save it for our next visit. I am so lucky to have you as my mom and my friend and my support. I love you and thank you for all you do and have always done for me. There is only one you and I am so thankful I get you. Happy birthday mom...you are loved.

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