This is a very special day to me. It was on this date in 1964 that Dorothy and Nick Zander welcomed their baby girl Kyla into the world in Mandan, North Dakota. I am so blessed that they got together and made this happen. Little did they know that they had just created the girl that would steal my heart and make my life worth living. That girl became the best friend and companion this man could ever ask for. The minute I met her I was smitten by her cute little smile and dimples and then found out how much fun she was and what a party animal she was too. She was my one of my best buddies before we took the leap to being a couple. I am so glad she took that leap with me. My high school sweetheart is now my wife. I will have more on that next Tuesday when we celebrate our 31st anniversary.

Today is the day for a birthday celebration though. My wife is so wonderful and giving to others that I would like you to give to her today. Please just drop her a message wishing her a happy day. She has been so amazing by letting me give myself to the public. I know she would much rather lead a more private existence but she has been by my side through all my battles, victories and losses. Help me wish this wonderful mother, grandmother, wife, sister, daughter, aunt and friend the happiest of birthdays. I love you Kyla.

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