There are certain things just make you excited and the birth of an upcoming grandchild is right at the top of the list. I already have 3 amazing beautiful gifted grandchildren but I am going to be adding to the group. Zander, Zayden and Kirzi and going to be joined by a new member of the family in the spring as my son Nick and his partner Kia have announced they are expecting in April.

I am so happy for Nick, Kia and Kirzi as they, along with us, are so excited. This is going to be another very lucky baby. It is going to be brought up by two fantastic parents who will love him/her the way a child should be loved in a community that is loving and caring. This is a wonderful blessing. I can hardly wait to be attacked by FOUR grandchildren next summer.

Here is the absolutely awesome and creative way Nick and Kia shared the big news.

NIck Flaa/ Kia Kassman TSM
NIck Flaa/ Kia Kassman TSM

Congrats guys. I am so proud of your both and so excited to meet the next member of our family. I love him/her already. Papa's waiting.

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