Your typical Marvel Legends X-Men figure stands about 6 inches toy. That makes it tough to portray their classic enemies the Sentinels at proper scale, since the Sentinels are giant robots of death.

Hasbro has found a workaround to this problem: By making the biggest damn Sentinel you ever saw — provided that enough fans pre-order it through their Haslab website. The Marvel Legends Sentinel, if funded, will stand “26.3-inch (669 mm)” tall — more than four times the size of a standard figure. It lights up thanks to LEDs in the head and chest (you’ll need to buy two AAA batteries), and it includes an 18-inch tentacle accessory and a standard sized Bastion figure, with an extra Sentinel Prime head. If such things are of interest to you, you’ll also get 70,000 Marvel Insider points per purchase, and access to the digital comic where the Sentinels first appeared, X-Men #14.

The thing won’t be cheap, though; the price is $350. If the Sentinel reaches its goal, it is expected to be shipped to buyers in the Fall of 2021. The cutoff for orders is August 24, 2020. It’s already got over 2300 of the necessary 6,000 units sold. So the odds are pretty good your li’l Marvel Legends Wolverine will be menaced by a Sentinel next year — provided you can find a big enough space to display one.

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