HardyLauren Alaina and Devin Dawson prove that everyone has a purpose in their new "One Beer" music video. Press play above to watch the song's story unfold into something beautiful.

In the emotional music video, Hardy, Alaina and Dawson show what one single, simple moment can lead to: in this case, an unplanned pregnancy, then a family and, finally, a life-saving moment. Following the lyrics of the song, the "One Beer" video opens with a teenager taking a pregnancy test in a dingy bathroom. When the test comes back positive, she shares the news with her partner.

Throughout the video, the unplanned pregnancy turns the couple into a family of three. They age, and their little baby turns into a young boy with a dream of becoming a firefighter, and then into an adult who actually is a firefighter -- and who saves his mother from a burning house. His act of heroism shows that although his place on this earth wasn't planned out in advance, he was brought here for a reason.

"One Beer" was co-written by Hardy, Jake Mitchell and acclaimed Nashville songwriter Hillary Lindsey. The song is the final track on Hardy's September 2019 release, Hixtape Vol. 1.

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